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[12 Dec 2005|12:14am]

Anyone know where I can buy a bowl online for a reasonable price? ($20-$40) Thanks in advance.
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Legalize It!!! [20 Sep 2005|03:36pm]

[ mood | calm ]

This is why pot should be legalized. I have bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. I have to take many medications a day, not good for the liver, and the meds don't always work.

When I a am high: no depression, no racing thoughts, no negative feelings, no anger, no mood swings, no stress

I am able to relax and be peaceful in a way I can't not with all the prescribed pills.

Yes, it should be legal.


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[20 Apr 2005|09:02am]
HAPPY4/20!!!!!!!!!Collapse )
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[21 Jan 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

No smoking, we aint having that,
You gotta get up outta the back,
And taking up seat space
Can't you tell by the look on my face,
That i wanna get baked till I can barely even see straight
I can drink a beer and be lit,
But i'll prolly start driving and crash or some shit
Not on weed though, i control the buzz
And i can shake it quick when im hounded by the fuzz
I wish this was another place,
I would just blow it in his face (*coughs* Hey what the fuck you doing?!?)
Just let me smoke my shit
You can put that on my probate court,
When you done, I'd like to burn you wit my....Newport!!!.
Smoke something, let the edge be gone,
And rewind the song, and homie, pass the bong

Can you roll it up
When the beats stop, roll it up
Since back in the days
I be blazin' up
I wanna hear you say

I'm not a hero, and I'm not a role model
I'm someone that'll rather hit a bong, than a bottle
And throttle my brain, into a mundane state
And maybe eat some shrooms, so I hallucinate
You can put that on my probate....
Man hold up, Man I done fucked up, I'm back on the first verse
My favorite sport's the "Inhale 200"
Where we all say "fuck it", and just get blunted
So fun it is, up in the clouds
I'm afraid of heights, but I'm Okay for now
I just like to smoke till, I'm blitzed
And I stay away from people, who can't keep it lit
Hotboxed, and got the blunt all runnin'
And ya can't keep it goin' for nuthin'
Quit fuckin' around askin' anybody hear that sound
You'se a first time smoker, about to pass out


I'm so high, that I stand on a ledge,
And I take another puff, now I'm over the edge.
Simon says, "puff, puff, pass"
Keep hogging my weed I'mma beat that ass
Outta cash, On my last little bit of the bag,
Im so glad I got my stash in the back
Eyelash stickin', Eyes all dry,
And my mouth feel like I been eatin' cotton pie
Still I wont stop smoking my pot,
Green grass is the shit that I'm lovin alot
Sit and wait on the block for the spot to get hot,
Then I go buy everything that they got
They only had a couple bags of that hot,
So I just said fuck it and grabbed a whole lot
I gotta get high or my heart might stop,
So I gotta find something to cop. Here we goooo


"And now a leap forward in time."

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[20 Nov 2004|01:57am]

what's up! just made a new community for chicks who love weed!
Check it out, and help me get it running! :)


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[03 Nov 2004|01:12pm]
Bush won. I am saddened. Its like saying "Okay, he fucked our country up once, lets see how much damage he can do again!"
He put our economy in the toilet (something like 801,000 jobs lost since he's been in office), led us to Iraq on false premises, and asked our country to take a step backwards in freedom (gay marraige, the drug war, the patriot act), and we make him president again. What fucking moron-hicks we have in this country.
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[24 Oct 2004|08:31am]

[ mood | flirty ]

Whoa. I'm baked as hell and I come across this community (ive never even joined a community before) and i'm like this is awesome, so I join and now i'm updating in it and i'm stunned beyond disbeleif that I am capable of joining a community!

but I don't think anybody has updated in it for a few months or so. Maybe if i post a cool picture people will start to post here again ... because this community is awesome

so if youre reading this, update or join so we can keep the joint lit

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inquiry.. (help) [29 Apr 2004|02:03pm]
so, i have a job offer if i can pass the piss test before 1:30pm saturday (may 1). the last time i smoked was 4.20, maybe half a bowl. what are my chances on passing it?
and i have someone that is clean that will pee in a cup for me, can i smuggle it in? i have to get it done at a facility called "now care." thanks for any advice, tips, etc.
(i really need this job)
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[28 Apr 2004|12:37am]

i have a blunt named "smoked".
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[09 Apr 2004|08:54pm]
I feel slightly dumbCollapse )
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[01 Apr 2004|03:11am]

as also posted in breaktheedge:

soo here's the situation: i have to go to drug abuse counseling 3 times a week, and they drug test randomly once a week. i came up positive for pot and they say the test is on a number scale, like say, since i smoke a week ago it came up a 15 on the test. i want to smoke friday and im going to take my friends piss in next week cause he smoked the same time i did but he quit and he said he would do it. what i want to know is, will they be able to tell that it's a different person? like will something show up saying it's not the same as last time? PLEASE HELP. also, is there a way i can just pass the test w/o having to take his in?
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[25 Feb 2004|01:04pm]

i just joined. herb is good..haven't been able to smoke it for a grip though. because of an upcoming drugtest in march. i've been experimenting with other drugs lately..but green will always be my first true love :D jamez is cool too so i joined...

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[04 Feb 2004|01:19am]

[ mood | bored ]

wow its been forever and a day, i cant believe my LJ community is still up well, i started this thing and i hope to keep it running, so people join and add pics an stuff of your pot and bongs and ect.


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[26 Mar 2003|11:49am]

I just joined.

I have a bong that's rainbow colored and his name is Happy.

He says Hi. too.

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[22 Sep 2002|06:52am]

wow i joined <3 I didnt think id ever get this done. But ill post later <33 -kaTie.
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!! [22 Sep 2002|02:28am]

Joined just cause it's your community. :]

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[21 Sep 2002|04:44pm]

This is my community and its still being worked on, so pretty soon it will be fully up and people can ask me to be on it all you have to do is get up with me on LJ on_drugs.
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[22 Sep 2002|01:36pm]

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